Hardware connection

Connecting QR Box to router

QR Box can be connected to a router via Ethernet cable. Cable should be plugged into a LAN-port (yellow port in Zyxel Keenetic router), and in the same port in QR Box. QR Box charger should be also plugged in. Please, do not forget to also insert a Micro SD card into QR Box. You receive it together with QR Box. After turning on QR Box a green light indicates network connection, a red light indicates, that the charger is plugged in.

Connecting a printer

Most of the printers can be connected directly to the router via an Ethernet cable.

If a printer cannot be connected to a router via Ethernet cable, please connect it to QR Box via either USB or COM port.

This allows the printer to print kitchen tickets and reports. If you want to print checks, a virtual register should be created. In order to do that, in Back Office go to Devices > Registers and click on ‘Create virtual register’ button on action panel, located in the upper part of Back Office. A modal window will appear. In the field please enter the name you want to apply to the virtual register.

After creating a virtual register, select it on the grid and click on ‘Activate’ button located on an action panel. A modal window will appear. Please specify the company and the terminal, from which the checks should be send to printer for a print out.

Kitchen ticket printers do not require activation. To setup a kitchen printer in Back Office go to Enterprise > Sales locations. Select a required sales location and specify which printers should be used as kitchen printers.

To setup report printing, in Back Office go to Enterprise > Sales locations, select a sales location by clicking on it, and specify which printers should be used as report printing printers.

We are setting up your Back Office. This may take a couple of minutes.