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Quick Resto

The history of Quick Resto started with a simple idea - to create a POS system, that would be convenient and affordable for everyone involved in multi-location business, to use experience and expertise in IT in order to develop a truly innovative system.

Analysis of the market makes it clear, that the existing POS systems are mostly overcomplicated, unreasonably pricy, or simply obsolete. Moreover, none of the Point of Sale systems are really suitable for large enterprises. This understanding has motivated Quick Resto founders to assemble a team, capable of creating a system free of such drawbacks.

During a lengthy process of Quick Resto development, we had been constantly consulting with the people, who know everything about the needs of catering industry. From barkeepers to business owners, we’ve accumulated all of their expertise, combined it with our deep IT knowledge, market understanding and sky-is-the-limit mindset. The result was worth countless hours of work, sleepless nights and endless brainstorming – Quick Resto system was created, first enterprise-level Point of Sale system.

Join us. You’ll love every minute spent with Quick Resto!

Truly yours,
Quick Resto Team

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