Go beyond serving

Engage with your customers, drill down into the sales metrics, take control of your business and watch it grow with Quick Resto.

Cloud point-of-sale system meets all your business needs

This can be your back-office web address where you get sales analytics, check inventory reports and create new offers for your customers from any device with Internet access.


Advanced tools and analytics to control your business


Create promotions, reward loyalty and increase your profitability


Manage role permissions and define levels of access based on employee roles.

Quick Resto is a way to improve your restaurant efficiency and provide exceptional customer experience

Quick Resto is a way to improve your restaurant efficiency and provide exceptional customer experience

Quick service or fine dining, small café or fast-food chain, Quick Resto is scaled to meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant and give your staff the power to serve your guests faster and better


It feels familiar from day one. It makes taking and processing orders fast and easy, accounting smooth, and reduced the chance of errors.


Your data is safe and accurate. Gain peace of mind knowing can control every aspect of your restaurant.


Authorize your guests using loyalty programs or mobile app. Create discounts that work for your customers.


Work online or offline, operations can go on as usual. Once a connection is reestablished, your data is automatically synced.

Regardless of your business type or Quick Resto subscription, you get access to

Your own mobile app for your guests

Free 24 hour customer support

Additional functionality of integrated solutions

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At first we had owned only one Coffee shop and decided for Quick Resto Point of Sale. Now we are building up a franchise fully relying on this POS system. Quick Resto Team has been helping us along the way, clarifying everything, suggesting a course of action whenever we were uncertain of something.

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We used Quick Resto as a POS system at a festival for 20 000 guests. 32 terminals were working non-stop for two days, selling items and sending out data online. To be honest, we were not quite sure, that it’d all work. But it did.  Now we use Quick Resto at all our events.

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First of all, we found it appealing to use a complete POS on a mobile food truck. A system that includes recipes, material cost, all kinds of reports.  Surely, in our case small size and mobility of the Terminal were quite important as well. Our Terminal hangs in a special casing on the wall, leaving the cooking area free, which is practical and convenient. We would highly recommend Quick Resto to all food truck and small restaurant owners.

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As I was opening my first restaurant, I had decided to do everything right from the very beginning, keeping record of all the ingredients, calculating material cost etc. Started the loyalty program for my customers right away. Now I am opening my third restaurant. Keeping tabs on everything with Quick Resto Point of Sale was a great help!

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